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20 Reasons Why Going To University Was Totally Worth It

Sure, you've got 20 grand (and the rest) in debt, but WHATEVER. You know it was worth it, and here's why...

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1. You Know How To Pay A Bill

And it still makes you feel like a proper grown-up. Every time.

2. You're So Freaking Good At Maths

And when I say 'maths', I mean 'working out to the penny what you owe for last night's takeaway'.

3. You Can Take A Drink (Or Two)

You go home for the summer and there's a noticeable difference in the drinking abilities of students and non-students. Weak-ass bitches.

4. ...And The Hangovers? Easy.

You've drunk so much, so often, you know exactly how to sort yourself the next day- even if that is just sleeping and whining about how much it hurts. Pass the bacon.

5. You Can Sniff A Bargain At 100 Paces

A life skill you will cherish forever.

6. You Refuse To Pay Over The Odds

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£5 for a vodka and coke? You must be joking. What deals have you got on?

7. You Know How To Get A Balanced Diet

Bacon is the food of the Gods, made even more covetable by the fact it's surprisingly expensive. Same goes for cheese. That's two of your five-a-day covered...right?

8. You Appreciate The Little Things

You threw a tissue at the bin and it WENT IN. Day made, and no money spent. Winner.

9. You're Awesome At Layering

Do your worst, Winter. The heating ain't going on until I see my breath.

Do your worst, Winter. The heating ain't going on until I see my breath.

10. ...And You're Great At Theme Nights

There's GOT to be a decent Halloween costume in my room somewhere...

11. You Can Totally Work Out A Fuse Box

Ok, so a switch tripped that time and you managed to blunder about in the dark and press buttons until it was fixed. Shut up.

12. ...And You're An Expert At Flat-Pack Furniture

I've got mad skills, and yes, they are going on my CV.

13. But Let's Face It, None Of This Really Matters

14. Because The Best Thing About University Isn't The Partying

15. And It's Not Learning To Fend For Yourself

16. It's Not Even Really The Qualification

17. It's Your Mates

You know it.

18. Because Even When You're Old And Boring

Sorry, I meant 'old and AWESOME'.

19. They'll Be There To Remind You Of Just How Cool You Once Were

20. And That, My Friend, Is Priceless


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