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17 Snaps Literally Every Brit Takes When On Holiday

"Hold on, I need to snap my ice cream. Again."

1. The out-of-the-plane-window shot:

2. And just general plane antics:

3. The "I'm on a beach" snap:

4. The typical landmark selfie:

5. The local food picture:

6. But, more importantly, the ice cream shot:

7. And the snap of that night's entertainment:

8. The squad pic:

9. The "look how I tanned I am" shot:

10. And the one where you weirdly show off how badly the sun defeated you:

11. The sleeping diary:

12. The ~artsy~ one:

13. The cute animal snap:

14. The trying-to-fit-the-entire-skyline-into-your-phone-screen shot:

15. The funny signs:

16. The snap of the local culture:

17. And, finally, the all-time classic:

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