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15 Reasons Why Khloe Is The Best Kardashian

Kim may be putting out a book of 365 selfies and Kourtney may be married to a "Lord" but here's why Khloe is crushing it in being the best Kardashian.

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1. Her new 90s inspired style

She doesn't even need style tips from Kanye / Via

She doesn't even need style tips from Kanye

2. Her Friendship with Lord Disick

They definitely own friendship necklaces.

3. She sees the good in the bad / Via

a growing vocab is important

4. She's a dog person / Via

or she thought she was

5. She keeps it real

6. She has standards

7. She's considerate

8. She gets it

9. Like she really gets it

10. She has the best sense of humour

11. and the best outlook on life

12. and stays true to herself

13. Even her sisters thinks she's the best



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