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Zendaya Was A Red-Hot Siren At The 2019 Emmys And I'm Feeling Euphoria

Poison Ivy couture.

Hey, DC Comics, I've just found your new Poison Ivy.

Zendaya made a strong case for why she should play the iconic villain in the upcoming Batman movie when she showed up at the Emmys rocking this lewk:

That red hair? That emerald green dress? There's no denying that this is Big Poison Ivy Energy.

I mean, really, the actor was plucking my edges from all angles.

I have no choice but to stan.

I wasn't the only one convinced, either. People on Twitter are practically ready to start a petition to land her the role:

The Internet: Rihanna reportedly in talks to play Poison Ivy Zendaya: #Emmys

Poison Ivy Queen Zendaya SHUTTING DOWN the carpet #Emmys

Zendaya serving Poison Ivy realness on the #Emmys red carpet.

Zendaya serving me couture Poison Ivy!!!!!!! #Emmys

#Emmys #Emmys2019 Zendaya has some strong Poison Ivy vibes going on tonight.

I rest my case. 👨🏾‍⚖️ Make it happen, DC. K, thanks. Bye.