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Travis Scott Deactivated His Instagram After Receiving Negative Backlash Over His Batman Costume

Not cool.

If you were scrolling through your timeline this weekend, you likely saw countless celebrities dressed up as various characters for Halloween.

Some celebs, like Cardi B and Lil Nas X, really nailed it.

Others, like Shawn Mendes and Noah Centineo, left us, well, less than impressed.

Me, but beat up, and a Miami witch. THE HALLOWEEN SPIRIT IS NEVER CANCELED !!!!!!!! (caption by camila)

Womp, womp.

Another celeb who got in on the ~spooky szn~ fun was Travis Scott. On Saturday, the rapper posted a video and photos of his brown Batman costume on Instagram and immediately went viral.

Some people weren't feeling his costume so much.

Travis Scott is drowning in millions of dollars right now and he couldn't get a good Batman costume smh

This person said he looked like the Flea from ¡Mucha Lucha!:

Travis Scott tryna look like Batman this Halloween, but he built more like the Flea

Another Twitter user claimed Travis made the Batman look "swaggerless":

Travis Scott made batman swaggerless can somebody explain how to class on how he’s not one of the worst things to come to hip hop?

Others joked about the color of his Batman costume:

A commenter writing, "That's Chocoman"

I mean, the jokes on Instagram were pretty ruthless:

A commenter writing, "UPS Batman"

Some even had the audacity to compare him to a roach, which has racist connotations:

A commenter saying "It's roachman"

Well, it looks like Travis may have seen the comments and deactivated his account because of it. His Instagram was deleted the next day.

Travis Scott deactivates his Instagram after people were clowning his Batman costume.

SMH. Not cool.

The world could always use more superheroes of color — especially considering the recent death of Chadwick Boseman — and Travis was definitely providing that with his version of Batman. It's unfortunate that he had to face such backlash.

The rapper has yet to address the comments directly, but we will keep you updated if he does.