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    Updated on May 2, 2020. Posted on Apr 26, 2020

    This Video Of The Rock Singing "You're Welcome" To His Daughter Has Gone Viral Because She Has No Idea He's The Voice Of Maui

    "She doesn't know that daddy and Maui are the same person."

    You know The Rock. He is amazing. That is a fact.

    Recently the actor posted this adorable video singing "You're Welcome" from Moana to his 2-year-old daughter, Tiana, and my heart couldn't take it:

    That wasn't even the best part about it, though. It was when he said Tiana loves the movie but "doesn't know that daddy and Maui are the same person" that made my heart, and everyone else's, melt into a puddle:

    FYI: For the adults who don't know, The Rock voiced the character in the film.


    "We're here singing this for the 937th time," he wrote.

    But it didn't matter how many times he sang it because Princess Tiana was having a ball.

    You see that smile? Priceless!

    People were swooning over the video, which went viral on Twitter:

    Others had theories of why Tiana probably enjoys the movie so much:

    @55mmbae Awe, she’s probably picking up her daddy’s energy inside of the cartoon character 🥺💕💕

    This is how his TikTok made one Twitter user feel:

    I can relate.

    Others felt things happening on the inside:

    This person was concerned for The Rock's throat after all of that singing 😂:

    @55mmbae I can only imagine how sore his throat must be 😫😂

    But mostly, we're all just here for the pure content he provided during these times:

    Never change, The Rock!

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