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    Colton Underwood Opened Up About Being Bullied For Being A Virgin And How It Made Him Question His Sexuality

    "I thought, maybe I am gay."

    OK, I'll admit, I never actually watched The Bachelor, but I *did* hear about Colton "The Virgin" Underwood. It was all anyone talked about that season.

    Personally, I didn't understand the fascination with his virginity, but apparently a man who hasn't had sex by the age of 26 is some type of unicorn or something, idk.


    Anyway, in a new interview with People, Colton opened up about questioning his sexuality and being bullied for abstaining from sex, among other things.

    While promoting his new book, The First Time, Colton told the outlet, “I was called fatso, four eyes and four lips, because I used to lick my lips, so I would constantly have a red ring around them. I was a little heavy, and that, combined with being socially awkward, led to a really hard time. I didn’t believe in myself. And I was super insecure.”

    Colton said in high school, a rumor started that he was gay because he chose to abstain from sex based on his faith and personal values. “It was one of those things where you hear something so often, you start believing it,” he shared. “I thought, maybe I am gay. The captain of the football team should be having sex and drinking, right? But I wasn’t.”

    The reality star recalled searching "Am I gay?" on his computer when he was in grade school to try to find answers. “I didn’t know who I was,” he said. “And I come from an athletic family, so it was always, ‘Move on, you’re good.’ So that threw me off. In high school, when I was struggling with my sexuality, I’m not going to talk to my parents about it. So I internalized it.”

    Colton also explained why he had "a little bit of PTSD" watching his season of The Bachelor. “Even while my season was airing, I battled the gay [rumors],” he said. “They’d say, ‘he’s gay, he’s hiding it.’ No. But I’ve been there, done that now.”

    The former bachelor, who's currently dating his pick from the show, Cassie Randolph, added, “I finally found somebody I really just want to be with. I want my life to be with Cassie. I know who I am. And that’s really all that matters.”

    You're right, Colton. That IS all that matters. Also, no one should ever be bullied or have to question their sexuality because they choose to abstain from sex. Period.


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