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A Black Designer Called Out Taylor Swift For Ripping Off The Logo Of Her "Folklore" Merch, And Her Response Was A Lesson In Allyship

The cardigan has a new design.

Taylor Swift is making a design change to some of the merchandise for her new album “Folklore.”

It all started when Amira Rasool, a Black business owner, took to Instagram to call out the resemblance between Taylor's album merch and the logo of her online fashion retail company, The Folklore.

Wait hold up. Taylor Swift, it’s one thing to use the name “Folklore” but we’re out here stealing Black women’s logos too? @TheFolklore

"Based on the similarities of the design, I believe the designer of the merch ripped off my company's logo," she wrote on July 24.

"I am sharing my story to bring light to the trend of large companies/celebrities copying the work of small minority-owned business owners. I am not going to let this blatant theft go unchecked," the 24-year-old explained.

In the past, various celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian, have also been accused of ripping off Black designers.

In case you're wondering. ☕️✨ #NoFrauds

In an interview with InStyle, Amira added that “Clearly Taylor didn’t find The Folklore and make this sketch. But at the end of the day, Taylor is the one who’s profiting off of it. This is her team. So it’s up to her to make it right.”

At the time, several celebrities had already posted photos of themselves wearing merch from the album, specifically cardigans, to promote Taylor's new single "Cardigan."

Just in my cardigan listening 2 Cardigan. Thanks 4 gifting us w/#Folklore @taylorswift13 when we needed it(&4 the cardigan) 🇧🇷 Apenas sentado aqui no meu cardigan ouvindo cardigan. Obrigado por nos presentear com Folklore Taylor exatamente quando mais precisávamos(e pro cardigan)

Taylor's team later issued a statement to Good Morning America, saying, “Yesterday, we were made aware of a complaint that the specific use of the word 'the' before Folklore album on some of the Folklore album merchandise was of concern. Absolutely no merchandise using the before 'the' words 'Folklore album' has been manufactured or sent out.”

Amira responded, commending Taylor for "recognizing the damage the merchandise caused to [her] company."

I commend Taylor’s team for recognizing the damage the merchandise caused to my company @TheFolklore’s brand. I recognize that she has been a strong advocate for women protecting their creative rights, so it was good to see her team is on the same page.

"It was a great first step and we are in conversation right now with Taylor’s team about the next steps to make this situation right," she tweeted.

Since then, Taylor has updated the merch on her website and the new cardigan logo no longer displays "the" before the album's title, marking a distinct difference.

Taylor has also responded, tweeting that she admires the work Amira is doing. "I’m happy to make a contribution to your company and to support the Black in Fashion Council (launching on 8/3) with a donation," she wrote.

@AmiraRasool Amira, I admire the work you’re doing and I’m happy to make a contribution to your company and to support the Black in Fashion Council (launching on 8/3) with a donation 💗@thefolklore @amirarasool @bifcglobal #blackinfashioncouncil

In tweets, Amira said that her business “has never taken a donation from anyone and will never take donations.”

Also, @TheFolklore is a business, it’s not a charity. We don’t accept donations, but we are currently raising capital. If you’re a serious angel investor or VC interested in getting in on this pre-seed round drop me a line