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    Steph Curry’s Nudes Allegedly Leaked Online And Ayesha Curry Had A Field Day

    "The [eggplant] flavor is my fave!"

    Yesterday, many of us woke up and saw that Steph Curry was trending because his alleged nudes had leaked online.

    Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

    People on the internet went crazy thinking they had just seen Steph's twig and berries 🍒:

    Here’s me thinking Steph Curry is trending cause he’s finally back from his injury but when I clicked on his name..

    Why did Steph Curry’s tallywacker just come down my timeline 🥴

    Just saw why Steph Curry is trending goodnight everyone

    The photos appeared just hours after A$AP Rocky had his own sex tape leak, which many made reference to:

    I've seen ASAP Rocky and Steph Curry's penises today completely against my will

    First asap Rocky sex tape, now Steph Curry’s nudes? All in the span of 24 hours?? That is e-NOUGH

    One person joked that Steph's wife, Ayesha Curry, was going to wake him up to tell him about the photos of his peen circulating on the internet:

    When Ayesha Curry slap Steph Curry straight out his sleep to show him his nudes on the internet...

    So, how did the Currys react? In the best way possible, of course.

    Kelly Sullivan / Getty Images

    Ayesha had a field day with the moment, taking to her Instagram to make several "eggplant" references:

    "Love this drink SO much! But the [eggplant emoji] flavor is my fave!" she captioned one photo of a Guayakí drink.

    Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

    The cookbook author and mom of three later uploaded a video of herself preparing to cook — wait for it — eggplant parmesan 😂!

    Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

    "It's going to be so good!!!" she joked.

    Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

    Steph reacted to Ayesha's trolling, saying that he was "crying laughing":

    Steph Curry / Via Instagram: @stephencurry30

    He also said there are "so many [clowns] out here," after his agent told a reporter the alleged nude photos were "absolutely" not him.

    The supposed nude pic of Stephen Curry is 'absolutely' not him, his agent has told me. #GSW @Warriors

    TL;DR? No, Steph Curry's nudes did not leak and Ayesha Curry had the best response about the whole fiasco.


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