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    Excuse Me Ryan Tedder, I Hope You Are Not Kidding About This New Beyoncé And Adele Song

    *Starts a prayer circle*

    Ryan Tedder, I would like to have a word with you.

    On Saturday, the songwriter, producer, and frontman of OneRepublic claimed Beyoncé and Adele recorded a new song together, which will be released on the group's forthcoming album Human.

    Hanging with @OneRepublic @GlblCtzn festival 🎉👌❤️ @MaxwellsHouse #PowerTheMovement

    "We have one song featuring Beyoncé and Adele with a Chris Martin piano solo on the bridge," Ryan told Z100.

    Excuse me, did he just say BEYONCÉ?

    Well, fans are now speculating that Ryan was just "joking," however, my heart can't handle it. This news needs to be true!!!

    I mean, this is the same guy who penned Bey's angelic hit "Halo" AND Adele's bop "Rumour Has It," so it's not that far-fetched he would be involved in producing their first collab together.

    Also, if you know anything about Adele, you know she's a HUGE Bey fan.

    This three-minute montage of her stanning for the Lemonade singer is all the proof you need:

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    I'll never forget that moment when Adele offered to split her Grammy with Beyoncé after she won for Album of the Year in 2017:

    Beyoncé's reaction:

    FWIW: Bey was also involved in Coldplay's Super Bowl performance in 2016, so she has a history with Chris Martin, too.

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    But back to you, Ryan. About this collaboration, please confirm it so I can start a countdown until Human is released, and my ears will be blessed by Bey and Adele harmonizing together.

    Are you just as excited for the possibility of a Beyoncé and Adele record? Tell us in the comments!