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    Niecy Nash Shared What She's Been Doing At Home And Now I Want To Quarantine At Her House

    "I basically feel like I finished everything on Netflix."

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    Welcome to our new BuzzFeed interview series where we find out what's been keeping some of your favorite celebrities busy while self-isolating. This week, Reno 911! star Niecy Nash spoke with us to let us know what she's been up to lately.

    BuzzFeed: What shows have you been watching?

    Niecy Nash: "I've been watching series that I've been in. I've watched Never Have I Ever."

    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "I binge-watched Little Fires Everywhere..."

    Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "And I started watching Hollywood by Ryan Murphy. I basically feel like I finished [everything on] Netflix."


    What movies are you watching at home?

    "I watched my movie Uncorked."


    "I've watched so many movies. Because we are home and we have the time, you start to forget [how many]."


    Have you tried cooking any new recipes?

    "I'm not a fan of cooking anyway, but I did find something that I made that my family went over the moon about. And that was a spicy shrimp alfredo pasta. I probably have made that dish at least three times since we've been in quarantine because they loved it so much."

    Have you read any good books while at home?

    "I have not read any good books, but I have read some scripts in anticipation of work coming back at some point."

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    What type of music have you been listening to?

    "I like neo-soul. I've been listening to a lot of that. And a lot of gospel to keep my mind right."

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    Have you taken up any hobbies — besides making epic videos with your kids on Instagram?

    "You know, for me, I guess my hobby of late would be resting. Because it's a lost art. To really just know how to rest, I don't think people know how to do it enough."


    "I've worked so much over these last two years. I'm not a person who said, 'I need to come out of [the pandemic] with a business plan' or 'I need to come out learning a new skill.' I have literally been curating rest."


    Have you been exploring new ways to work out at home?

    "I do have a lot of friends who are trainers and I could pop into an online class or I could schedule a private [session] but, to be honest with you, up until recently I hadn't even been doing that. I've just been letting the good times roll; over here happily ever fatter."

    "I was like, 'Now, wait a minute. We've got to start trying to pull it together. They're going to open up outside in a minute girl, and you're not going to be ready.' So I have a treadmill at my house and I've started doing that every day. And then there are hills by my house, so sometimes I'll [hike] as well."

    What keeps you laughing during times like this?

    "I'm grateful that I feel like I have a very healthy sense of humor. And I can laugh at just about anything, including myself."

    "I have good conversations with my friends, who are funny. You know, Sherri [Shepherd]'s a comedian. I can lead the charge on creating the funny [and] if not, I have friends that do."

    Fans are super excited about the revival of Reno 911! What do you think Deputy Raineesha Williams would do if she was on duty and saw people who weren't social distancing outside?

    "Raineesha would probably join them and be like, 'Where's the party?' She would probably say, 'You know, y'all are not supposed to be here,' but then get swept up in their conversation. And the next thing you know, she'd have a red cup and hang out with the people who she's supposed to be telling to go back inside."

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    Check out all-new episodes of Reno 911!, available on Quibi now. You can also catch Niecy Nash in Mrs. America on Hulu and Never Have I Ever on Netflix!

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