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This Video Of Naomi Campbell Preparing To Travel During The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Pretty Dramatic But Also Eye-Opening

"I'm not doing this for laughs."

Earlier this week, Naomi Campbell posted several Instagram photos of herself while traveling during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

In the photos, the legendary supermodel wore a hazmat suit, gloves, and goggles to protect herself against the deadly virus that has claimed the lives of thousands and counting.

Now, the 49-year-old is explaining why she chose to take such extreme precautionary measures in a new YouTube video titled "Protecting Myself Against Coronavirus."

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The video starts out seven days before Naomi's trip, and we see her receiving ear seeds, a holistic treatment she describes as similar to acupuncture. "They're good for [restoring] hormones and balance," she claims.

The woman administering the ear seeds adds that it "balances the heart [and] the mind [and] resets the nervous system."

Before departure, Naomi states that she is nervous to take flight. "I was meant to fly yesterday. I didn't feel comfortable, so I'm definitely going today. Something a friend said to me is, 'We cannot live in fear.'"

From there, we get ready with Naomi as she prepares to travel from LAX to JFK airport. First up? The now-famous hazmat suit.

Can you believe she got it for only $15 on Amazon?!

Then it was time for the goggles.

"My good friend Linda Evangelista told me about the goggles," she says.

And you can't forget the gloves.

Of course, there was a designer label involved in her look.

But Naomi clarified that she was not doing this for fun.

"It's not a humorous time, I'm not doing this for laughs. This is how I feel comfortable traveling," she says.

Next up, we're in the car. There's dramatic music playing and documentary-style camera shots, like this one:

"The masks, I started wearing in the '90s and the cleaning of the seats, I started doing about 17 years ago. It's been a routine of mine for a very long time," Naomi says, referring to her airport routine, which went viral last year.

View this video on YouTube

"Back in the day, people used to really laugh at me and speak under their breath, like, 'What is that girl doing? She's ridiculous.'"

She also explained why she thinks people should wear masks, saying, "What if someone sneezes right in front of you and you're walking behind them? Those [germs] come to you, and you walk right into it."

The part that surprised me the most was watching Naomi down two packs of vitamin C and papaya seed powder, back-to-back.

I personally never knew papaya seeds had health benefits, and I will be adding it to my list.

And now we're off to the germ-infested airport.

Naomi has a talk with a TSA agent about not wearing gloves while handling passports and another with a flight attendant about not doing enough to protect herself. It's riveting.

She's truly baffled by how unsanitary everyone and everything is.

Thankfully, Naomi makes it back to New York in one piece.

Honestly, same, and I was just watching it on my screen.

"But in all seriousness, I think we must take every precaution that makes us protective and comfortable," she concludes.

Watch the full clip of Naomi traveling during the coronavirus outbreak here.

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