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I Almost Fell Out Of My Chair Reading These Unprofessional Things People Have Done At Work

"Took my braids out, left work with [an] Afro."

This week, Twitter user @locdwithshelly uploaded a prompt created by TheShadeRoom and asked her followers to share the most unprofessional thing they've done at work.

The stories ranged from absolutely hilarious to straight up wild, y'all. Here's some of the most outlandish responses people submitted:

1. This employee who got tired of coworkers stealing her food:

@locdwithshelly Made cupcakes with exlax...because ppl kept stealing my lunch an snacks

2. This employee who found time to go shopping during their shift:

@locdwithshelly consistently saying i'm at off-site meetings when i'm really shopping or at home aksjsksk

3. This employee who was planning their exit on the clock:

@locdwithshelly Had a Skype interview with another company

4. This employee who was caught napping on a desk:

@locdwithshelly My boss took the picture after he called the office multiple times, since I didn’t answer the phone, he came over thinking something had happened to me

5. This employee who used company time to go see a movie:

@locdwithshelly Went to the movies and then back to the office to clock out.

6. This employee who left work with a new hairstyle:

@locdwithshelly Took my braids out 😭 left work with a Afro

7. This employee who roasted a whole chicken at her desk:

@locdwithshelly Not me , but the girl sitting next to me roasted a whole chicken at her desk. Took 4 hours but lunch was smacking.

8. This employee who used her vibrator in the back of the office:

@locdwithshelly Put the “manager on property” sign up and used my vibrator in the back office 🤫

9. This employee who watched porn:

10. This employee who came up with a genius way to sell weed at work:

Selling weed through the drive-thru...if anybody ordered a “unsweetened iced tea, extra ice” move out the way person working the window...I got this one, lol 🤣 https://t.co/4CMyv5VHZ7

11. This employee who blocked time off in a conference room to play card games:

Blocked time off in a conference room to hold a spades tournament. https://t.co/oGzBL6RnoV

12. This employee who had sex with her boss for a raise:

Fuck my boss for $3 raise ... I was wild in my early 20s https://t.co/93i30kibHU

13. This employee who left her client stranded:

My ex boss fired me while my client was processing color on her head and I unzipped my cape and took all my shit and left lmao https://t.co/8LBlVY6T0k

14. This employee who gave away free stuff:

Specifically give free shit to black people but I wouldn’t call that unprofessional but reparations https://t.co/oj8M7LAvEa

15. This employee who was passive aggressive about cleaning up:

Mfs ain't wanna clean the micro wave up after their mess so I put hotpocket in that bitch for 10 minutes at the end of the day https://t.co/J9v9K56mQF

16. This employee who got creative with their business attire:

I used one of my durags as a pocket square in my last company event 😂 https://t.co/vULGNyOTCB

17. This employee who couldn't wait to start dinner:

Had my food cooking in a crockpot under my desk https://t.co/uE37DlGJxW

18. This employee who took nudes in the bathroom:

taking nudes in the bathroom like that’s my job description https://t.co/J7H4Zbq7E7

19. This employee who wanted a free meal on the house:

At Magels a man told me he was allergic to chives so i put chives in his quesadilla so he would send it back untouched and i could eat it. https://t.co/OTm8BZZwSy

20. This employee who stole customer points at Chick-Fil-A:

When I worked at Chick Fil A, I would add my phone number to everyone account so I could get their chick fil a points. Lmao https://t.co/0CpjEiBXsC

21. This employee who needed to find out if her boyfriend was cheating by any means necessary:

Pack all 8 of my students up in my car to go see why my man wasn’t answering the phn. https://t.co/ms4kZH65of

22. And finally, this employee who clocked in and left to work at another job:

@locdwithshelly I will never get over my friend clocking in and leaving to work at another job

Are you brave enough share the most unprofessional thing YOU'VE done at the workplace 👀? If so, tell us in the comments!