I'm Shaking My Head At The Lengths Mark Consuelos Went To Find Out If Kelly Ripa Was Cheating On Him

    "I got a really bad feeling."

    You know Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

    The couple has been married for 24 years and they're many people's OTP*.

    However, that doesn't mean their relationship didn't come with its fair share of jealously in the earlier days.

    In Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue’s new book, What Makes a Marriage Last, Kelly and Mark recalled a time when the Riverdale actor tried to catch the talk show host in the act of cheating after he had "a really bad feeling."

    “After we were married, I was doing a show in Boston, and I couldn’t get a hold of her all day,” he said.

    They didn't have cellphones back then, so what did Mark do? He booked a flight to New York to pay her a surprise visit, of course.

    Turns out, Kelly was busy cleaning their bathroom, but Mark wasn't buying it. “Apparently he thought that sounded very fishy. He wanted to catch me,” she said.

    Mark plotted out his scheme perfectly, even telling the doorman to call up to their apartment and tell Kelly that there was a flower delivery.

    "I’m excited because I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s sending me flowers!’” Kelly said.

    Mark searched the house, but Kelly was innocent. There was no other man, and he said he felt "horrible" for suspecting his wife of cheating and that he knew he was "wrong" for assuming the worst.

    I sure hope so! For Kelly and their doorman's sake.