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Mariah Carey Just Shaded The Hell Out Of FaceApp, And I Am Going To Frame This Tweet

She doesn't know FaceApp. πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

You've seen the FaceApp app everyone has been trying out this week...

Me hosting #MasterChef Season 50......#faceapp

...your favorite celebrities can't get enough of it.

Exhibit A: Busy Phillips

Exhibit B: Lil Nas X

Exhibit C: Noah Centineo

But there's one person who's refusing to acknowledge the controversial app, and that's none other than prolific, iconic songstress Mariah Carey.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Also known as the queen of celebrating her birthdays as anniversaries, because time is a social construct, dahling.

MTV / Via

On Thursday, Mariah sent out a tweet (read: statement) regarding FaceApp, and I was internally shouting "END THEM!!!!"

FaceApp is not something I acknowledge

"FaceApp is not something I acknowledge" is now up there with "I don't know her," TBH.

Bravo / Via

It makes sense that Mariah, being the ageless goddess that she is, wouldn't acknowledge an app that ages us regular humans.

Diane Freed / Getty Images, Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Here's Mariah in 1999 vs. Mariah in 2019. 20 YEARS APART!

Still, I can't believe all it took was one tweet from Mariah to get everyone to realize FaceApp is the enemy! (Just kidding, kinda.)

Giphy / Via

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