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Mariah Carey Just Shaded The Hell Out Of FaceApp, And I Am Going To Frame This Tweet

She doesn't know FaceApp. 🙅🏽‍♀️

You've seen the FaceApp app everyone has been trying out this week...

Me hosting #MasterChef Season 50......#faceapp

...your favorite celebrities can't get enough of it.

Exhibit A: Busy Phillips

Exhibit B: Lil Nas X

But there's one person who's refusing to acknowledge the controversial app, and that's none other than prolific, iconic songstress Mariah Carey.

Also known as the queen of celebrating her birthdays as anniversaries, because time is a social construct, dahling.

On Thursday, Mariah sent out a tweet (read: statement) regarding FaceApp, and I was internally shouting "END THEM!!!!"

FaceApp is not something I acknowledge

"FaceApp is not something I acknowledge" is now up there with "I don't know her," TBH.

It makes sense that Mariah, being the ageless goddess that she is, wouldn't acknowledge an app that ages us regular humans.

Still, I can't believe all it took was one tweet from Mariah to get everyone to realize FaceApp is the enemy! (Just kidding, kinda.)