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    Kit Harington Is Reportedly Joining The MCU And I'm Rooting For Him To Play Wolverine

    I'm listening. 👀

    We all know Kit Harington as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

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    But soon we may know him by another name.

    On Friday, Deadline reported that the actor will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an unspecified role.

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    Kit? In the MCU? I'm listening. 👀

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    While exact details are rumored to be announced this weekend at Disney's D23 Expo, fans have already cast Kit as the next Wolverine, and I'm ready to start a petition to make it happen.

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    I mean, the resemblance is uncanny.

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    Since 2000, Wolverine has been portrayed by Hugh Jackman on the big screen. Can you say iconic?

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    Earlier this year, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and regained the rights to the characters from X-Men, which means a new opportunity for fresh blood to take over.

    And fans are SO here for Kit taking up the mantle as the metal clawed mutant:

    If Kit Harrington is MCU #Wolverine in a Russo Bros directed movie, I will explode. Stay calm, dude. Stay calm.

    Kit Harington in but as wolverine The mcu

    If they cast Kit Harrington as a young Wolverine someone is going to need to call me an ambulance. #Fancasting

    If Kit Harington doesn’t play Wolverine, I will SUE

    Kit Harington as the new Wolverine Make 👏 It 👏 Fucking 👏 Happen

    Kit Harington would be perfect as the new Wolverine!!

    Oh, in case you were worried about Kit's height at all:

    Wolverine is 5'3". Kit Harington is about 5'7"/5'8". So everyone can stop saying he's too short to play Wolverine. (I really, really hope he's going to be Logan.)

    Kit Harington joining the MCU probably means we're finally getting a Wolverine that's the correct height.

    In conclusion:

    Kit Harington as Wolverine we love to see it

    What do you think about the possibility of Kit joining the MCU and maybe even playing Wolverine? Tell us in the comments!

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    UPDATE: Kit has just been announced to play Dane Whitman/Black Knight in Marvel's Eternals. LOL. 😅 The hunt for the next Wolverine continues.