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Kelly Ripa Cropped Mark Consuelos's Bulge Out Of Their Halloween Photos, And I'm Dead

"All trick, no treat."

LOL, Kelly Ripa is done handing out free (eye) candy.

Kelly Ripa in a dark, off the shoulder ruffled black dress
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

The daytime talk show host is known for sharing thirst traps of her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, on Instagram.


More recently, Kelly posted a carousel of family Halloween pictures, but fans couldn't help noticing Mark's bulge in his costume:

Mark Consuelos wearing a CHiPs costume
Kelly Ripa / Via Instagram: @kellyripa

I mean, wowzers.

Mark also weighed in on what I'd like to call #Bulgegate, claiming that it was "definitely a shadow" causing the bulging effect.

Mark writing that it was a shadow causing his bulge in the photo
Kelly Ripa / Via Instagram: @kellyripa

Kelly, however, was not buying it. "[U]mmmmm baby are you seeing shadows?" she replied. Ah, we love a couple who can rib each other.

Anyway, today Kelly decided to share more Halloween photos, but this time she cropped Mark's — ahem — package from the post.

"A costumed how it started, how it’s going, and i cropped at the crotch you thirst buckets," she wrote. "All trick, no treat. #Halloween 2020 👻🎃🦇🕸🦉💀."

Kelly and Mark dressed as skulls for Halloween
Kelly Ripa / Via Instagram: @kellyripa

So for all you thirst buckets out there, better luck next year!

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