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    I'm Already Obsessed With Katy Perry's New "Small Talk" Song — Here's Why

    *Slams the replay button*

    Katy Perry is back with a new single and it slaps so hard, I may need a medic.

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    "Small Talk" perfectly describes the awkward stages of a breakup and all I can say is, where was this song when I NEEDED it in September 2011, Katy?!

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    Anywho — my personal heartbreak aside — the song is SO good. It has a reggae vibe, although it's credited as synth-pop. Whatever, I'll take it.

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    Actual footage of me jamming when I first heard it.

    With lyrics like "Had every inch of your skin/There's nowhere your hands haven't been," you could already count me in as a fan. 😏

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    Then again, Katy did release this totally underrated bop a few months ago, which I also loved.

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    Back to "Small Talk." Like I said, it's perfect for anyone going through a breakup. Especially if you still have to be around your ex for any reason.

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    Actual lyrics from the song:

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    Relatable, am I right?

    You've done it again, Katy. I am bopping and I am grateful. I feel it in my bones that this is a hit.

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    Let us know what you think about "Small Talk" in the comments!