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    Beyoncé Personally Thanked Kalen Allen For His Phenomenal Tribute On Her 38th Birthday

    Queen Bey is proud. 🙌🏾

    When you're a fan of one of the biggest superstars on the planet, how do wish them a happy birthday? With an epic, all-day celebration, of course!

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    On Wednesday, fans around the globe observed Beyoncé's 38th birthday for the national holiday that it should be, and to say they went all out would be an understatement.

    My mom thought I was joking when I said I have to find an outfit for Beyoncé birthday 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄😂

    Office email came to a complete standstill today because of an email thread ccing everyone in the organization celebrating Beyoncé’s birthday

    Currently have 7 people packed in our dorm room watching all of Homecoming to celebrate @Beyonce ‘s birthday!!!

    It was YouTube sensation and Ellen show contributor Kalen Allen's fierce and fabulous 7-minute tribute to Queen Bey that left me speechless though:

    To my muse and biggest inspiration! Happy birthday Beyoncé! #BeyDay

    First, let's talk about these LEWKS!

    I mean, really, I am in awe.

    Not only did he recreate many of Bey's iconic visuals from her early music videos, including "Crazy in Love" and "Déjà Vu," Kalen also pulled off the classics like "Single Ladies" and "Formation" and we have no choice but to stan.

    "Growing up I used to do mini Beyoncé performances in school!" he told BuzzFeed. "Now that I had a platform and better resources I wanted to do it bigger and better."

    Twitter: @TheKalenAllen

    As for what inspired his tribute, Kalen said, "I feel as though Beyoncé has reached the point in her career to which she deserves to be honored and given her flowers."

    "There is just something about the art she creates that is invigorating and absolutely mesmerizing," he added.

    Kalen produced the entire tribute himself with the help of some personal friends. "We shot Saturday and Sunday for 12 hours each day. We had five wigs, 10 costumes, two different locations, three sets and a crew of 10," he revealed. "We also put it together in a week."

    Twitter: @TheKalenAllen

    #YonceTaughtHim! 👏🏾

    His favorite look to recreate was the "Single Ladies" look because "it’s so classic Beyoncé!" he shared. "Also, my body looks SICKENING!"

    Twitter: @TheKalenAllen

    I couldn't agree more. 🙌🏾

    In the end, Kalen's hard work paid off when he received a shoutout from Beyoncé herself. The Lemonade singer said "Thank You" for the tribute and reposted it on her Facebook page.

    Facebook: video.php

    Kalen said he "busted out in tears" when he saw her message because "I just wanted to show her how proud I am of her and her achievements and celebrate that! She has earned every bit of her success and I just hope that she gets to feel that. So honestly, she doesn’t need to thank me! I am thanking her!"

    Talk about the sweetest fan tribute ever! Happy 38th Birthday, Beyoncé!!! 👑🐝🙌🏾

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