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    Lizzo And Justin Timberlake Shook Me Up With This 7 Second Preview Of Their New Song

    I know a bop when I hear it. 🎶

    You know Justin Timberlake and you know Lizzo.

    Karwai Tang / WireImage, Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage

    In THIS house, we stan hitmakers.

    Earlier this week, Justin revealed he's been in the studio with the "Truth Hurts" singer and shared behind-the-scenes footage of the two working on a new song.

    You hear that? That's the sound of a certified BOP!

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    I mean, yeah, it's only a 7-second preview, but I still got my life watching JT and Lizzo get down to the drum-heavy track.

    MTV / Via

    And I wasn't the only one. Meek Mill appears in the background of the video vibing to the beat...or, as Justin called it, "catching a [cold]" because the song is "so sick."

    Also, I could be wrong but I'm wondering if "Flames" is the title of the record based on Justin's caption of the clip. 🕵🏾‍♂️

    Guess we'll just have to wait to find out.

    Back in June, Lizzo hinted at their collaboration, telling Extra that the former boyband member was "trying to make music" with her. When asked if she was going to take him up on his offer, Lizzo responded, "Hell yeah!"

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    No word yet on when the song will be released, or whose project it will be featured on, but Lizzo and Justin are both amazing performers so all that I request is an epic performance to go with it.

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    What do YOU think about the new Justin and Lizzo snippet? Are you excited for a potential collab? 👀 Tell us in the comments!