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    Jordyn Woods Was Accused Of Having Plastic Surgery And Her Mother Shut Down The Rumors With An Epic Response

    "We have ass naturally!"

    Jordyn Woods recently posted a series of snaps on her Instagram, and — in the words of Destiny's Child in "Bootylicious" — people weren't ready for her jelly:

    Commenters accused the 22-year-old of having a Brazilian butt lift, a plastic surgery procedure that "remove[s] excess skin and tighten[s] the buttocks."

    "[Who's] your surgeon?" one person asked:

    Another person said it was "money well spent":

    However, Jordyn's mother, Elizabeth, quickly shut down those rumors with some photos of her own, writing, "Yes, [Jordyn] is my daughter, which means she has my genetics. We have ass naturally!"

    Elizabeth went on to say, "No one has gotten any butt lifts...this is one of the craziest things that I keep reading," and posted a photo of herself as receipts, so you know it's real!

    Like mama, like daughter, as they say.

    "Let’s focus on important things, everyone, and make a positive change ❤️," she concluded in her message.

    Now excuse me while I go listen to "Bootylicious" on repeat:

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