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    Sam Smith And John Legend Performed A Quarantine Duet Of "Stand By Me" And It's So, So Good Y'all

    Need this on Spotify, ASAP.

    What happens when you get one legend and another legend to sing a duet together? An iconic — socially distanced — performance, obviously.

    That’s exactly what happened on Saturday when John Legend and Sam Smith joined forces to deliver their rendition of Ben E. King's classic, "Stand By Me":

    John Legend, with all of his Grammys, kicked off the duet at his piano, and all I could think of is how exhausting it must be to be so talented:

    Then Sam joined from their house — also with Grammys in the back — and I thought I was going to melt like butter listening to their silky smooth vocals, tbh:

    Watching these two harmonizing together so beautifully via Zoom (because who isn’t using Zoom these days) is 2020 personified, amirite?

    Watch their full performance below and prepare to get goosebumps just like I did:

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