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    Joe Jonas Baked Cookies With Sophie Turner Wearing Nothing But An Apron And I'm Sweating


    We can all agree that chocolate chip cookies are delicious, am I right?

    Sesame Street / Via

    Yes, I'm right. Don't argue with me on this.

    But what's more delicious than chocolate chip cookies? Watching a hot guy bake chocolate chip cookies!!!


    On Friday, Joe Jonas posted a shirtless photo of himself wearing nothing but an apron with the words "baking time" captioned, and I damn near fainted:

    His quarantine scruff, chest hair, and shoulder muscles...yep, I'mma have to stan:


    But, as if I needed a reminder that he's a married man, Joe posted a video of his cookies and revealed that Sophie Turner was helping him bake 'em by sprinkling a bit of salt on each:

    The video also showed they were listening to Cookie Monster's bop, "'C' Is For Cookie." How cute!

    Me, watching and realizing that I'm forever single:

    Stephan Savoia / AP

    No, really, it's fine.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share Joe's shirtless pic with the rest of you who've been in quarantine, alone, for the past six weeks (like me) and needed a pick-me-up. Here it is one more time:

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