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    Joe Jonas Finally Let Sophie Turner Do His Makeup And Somehow He's Even More Gorgeous Now

    Ready for his close-up.

    Joe Jonas is a gorgeous man.

    What could make a gorgeous man even more gorgeous?

    Makeup, d'oh.

    Apparently, Sophie Turner has been trying to convince her husband to let her do his makeup for some time now, and only recently — since we're stuck in quarantine — did he let her.

    On Thursday, Sophie posted photos of the "Sucker" singer sporting purple eyeshadow and sparkling highlighter:

    It looks like Joe would not stop playing his video games while Sophie pulled out her best makeup skillz, but the actor did a great job, nonetheless:

    Something tells me Tyra Banks would be proud of this smize!

    Thanks for sharing, Sophie. Hopefully Joe let's you give him more beauty makeovers in quarantine.