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Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Reportedly Saw A Therapist After Their Dog Died In A Freak Accident

RIP Waldo!!!!!! 😒🐾

Earlier this week, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's dog, Waldo Picasso, was killed by a car in New York City. πŸ’”

According to reports, Waldo was being walked by the newlyweds' dog walker when he was struck.

Joe and Sophie reportedly told police it took a few days to report the incident because they were "so torn up" after Waldo's death, they had to go to a therapist, and yes, I'm emotional.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

As you may recall, the couple has had a very close bond with their Alaskan Klee Kai canines. One of the dogs was in their wedding as Joe's groomsman. They also created an Instagram account for Waldo and his brother, Porky.

Waldo in his Instagram debut:

During his short time with the family β€” Waldo was adopted in April 2018 β€” he traveled to France, England, Canada, Amsterdam, and several places across the US.

He will be sorely missed!!!! 😒