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People, Including Myself, Are Just Now Learning That Jennifer Lopez Used Another Singer's Voice On "Get Right"

"Get riiiiiight, get riiiiight."

Hi, it's me, your typical gay millennial who loved J.Lo's "Get Right" when it was released back in 2005.

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No shame in my game. It was a bop back then — and it still is.

Don't even get me started on the video. I'm not exaggerating when I say Jenny from the Block ate up those looks.

This silver and gray number with the cap was a moment. A moment that I'll never forget.

So color me surprised when I learned that J.Lo used another singer on the chorus, y'all.

Yep, the iconic "We can get riiiight, get riiiight" part was actually sung by a background singer named Y’Anna Crawley.

Y’Anna opened up about recording with J.Lo during a recent YouTube episode of The Terrell Show which, if you aren't already, you should start watching ASAP.

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After singing the hook of "Get Right," Y’Anna said, "That's me on the background...that's my voice singing that part."

Y'anna snapping her fingers sitting next to Terrell

Terrell, who was just as shocked as I was, asked, "Not on the actual record, [right]?" Y'Anna clarified, "On the record. That's me. That's me singing that song."

Y'anna sits next to Terrell wearing a denim dress

"I'm doing all her backgrounds on that song," Y'Anna added.

Terrell looks shocked with mouth open sitting next to Y'Anna

For context, singers often use background singers in the studio and during live performances. However, there are some artists, like Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie, who have been known to sing their own background vocals for their songs.

"That was my first big check," Y'Anna shared. "When I got that check, I said, 'Oh, this is what you get for singing background?' I bought my first big diamond with that check. Like a diamond ring. It was nice, too."

Y'Anna laughs sitting next to Terrell

People on the internet were also mind-blown by the revelation:

I was YESTERDAY years old when I found out Sunday’s Best’s season 2 winner, Y’Anna Crawley is the voice that you hear singing the bgvs on JLo’s “Get Right.” Wow— 🤯.

Y’anna Crawley is singing the backgrounds on Jlo “Get Right” 🤯

That’s Y’anna Crawley singing the hook on J-Lo’s “Get Right?” Had no clue! Alright now Y’anna!!!!!

WAIT... that’s Y’anna Crawley singing background on J. Lo’s “Get Right” 🤯

Others said Y'Anna is the main reason why they even like the chorus:

Y’Anna Crawley’s vocals are on the background of J.Lo’s Get Right... my God. THATS WHY I ONLY LIKE THE CHORUS!

Now that i know it’s Y’anna Crawley singing on Get Right by Jennifer Lopez, i actually really like the song now! I just realized I’ve had it playing on repeat for the last 20 minutes

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to process the fact that my favorite part of the song is actually sung by someone else.

Literally me processing this information:

Are you just as surprised as I am about this or did you know all along that someone else was singing the chorus on "Get Right"? Tell me in the comments!