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    May 22, 2020

    Jeannie Mai Shared What She's Been Doing At Home And It Sounds Like Her Quarantine Has Been Lit

    "I'm the queen of chili now."

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed Celeb

    Welcome to our new BuzzFeed interview series where we find out what's been keeping some of your favorite celebrities busy while social distancing. This week, The Real cohost Jeannie Mai spoke with us to let us know what she's been up to lately.

    BuzzFeed: What shows have you been watching?

    Jeannie Mai: "I was captivated by Ozark. Oh my god. I haven't had anything like this [to watch] since Breaking Bad. Ozark is phenomenal. And I can't wait for the new season to start already."

    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "And then The Tiger King, obvi."

    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "My brother tried to get me to get into...what's that show where all those really pretty people go on an island and they can't have sex? Too Hot To Handle."

    What movies are you watching at home?

    "Midsommar. Oh, I loved it. It was so good. So, so, so good."

    A24 / courtesy Everett Collection

    "And because Mama Mai has been staying with [Jeezy] and I, we've been taking her on an oldie but goodie cultural trail of the greatest nostalgic hits, [watching things] like Coming To America and Bad Boys."

    Paramount / courtesy Everett Collection

    Have you read any good books while at home?

    "Limitless by Jim Kwik is the current book I'm [reading]. I'm obsessed with it."

    Hay House Inc.

    "The times have changed and our minds aren't retaining the same information as it did before because of the way that we're using social media and how content comes up. So Limitless is a great book that teaches you how to be limitless in your brain and memory span, and how to really [train] yourself to have the type of brain that you want."

    "Also, [I'm reading] More Than Enough by my friend Elaine Welteroth."


    "It's a beautiful book that every woman should read before they get out of quarantine. [It] helps you understand that you too are mighty in your own self and that you are more than enough just the way you are. It also motivates you to go become even more than what you already are."

    Have you tried cooking any new recipes?

    "Okay, so I mastered how to make the most delicious chili. It's a recipe that I got off the internet from Guy Fieri with a little bit of a twist with vegan meat and spices. I felt so confident about it being good that I battled my brother in a cook-off in my Hello Hunnay YouTube series. All my friends who tried it — I Ubered it to their houses —  they also loved it. They said it was amazing. So I'm the queen of chili now.


    Also, cucumber salads! Oh my god, I can't believe until this day I get cucumber salads in my DMs. I'm actually going to make a new recipe for all those easy peasy recipe people that are like myself who just like 1-2-3 cooking, but yeah, that went so well. I can't believe how many people made that recipe, and how many people watched that video. It's crazy."

    What type of music have you been listening to?

    "I love the Instagram battles. I really am thankful for Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. What they brought to our forefront and the walk down memory lane. I also loved what Teddy Riley and Babyface did."

    "The Weeknd's last album, After Hours, I think it might be even better than his first, for me. I love it because it's got this little new wave to it. It's so good."

    Have you taken up any hobbies?

    "Well, I'm learning how to moonwalk as we speak, which I'm very proud of. I'm also learning Vietnamese dishes because of Mama Mai. I'm learning how to make pho...and things like that."

    "I'm also really focused on how to create some type of accessibility to mental exercises for people."

    Have you been exploring new ways to work out at home?

    "It's hard to find places [to workout] when you need to be six feet apart. So I've been really focusing on stairs. My workout consists of a lot of lower body areas: butt, thighs, legs. So what I've been doing is, I find areas where I can really get into squats, jump squats, leg lifts, and bench push-ups. A lot of my Instagram videos that have my workouts are usually based on stairs. And they're easy things that you can do with your own bodyweight."

    You recently got engaged to Jeezy in quarantine! What was that experience like?

    "It was better than the actual thing [he had planned]."

    Have you learned anything new about yourself or your relationship while in quarantine?

    "I learned that [Jeezy] and I really treasure the art of communication. That's the number one foundation to our mental connection, our physical connection, our sex life, our intimacy, everything. The art of communication. I say art because most people think communicating is, 'Oh, just open up and talk to someone, tell them what you're thinking.' But it's actually not that. Especially not when you're in quarantine."

    "When you're in quarantine the attention level is a little bit higher. You're stuck around each other more. So how you talk to each other and how you address things is really important. It's important to focus on tone and timing. And respect. Always respect."

    Lastly, what's the one thing that you're looking forward to doing once quarantine is over?

    "I honestly want to go on an airplane and I want to travel. I just want to see people. I want to sightsee. I want to put on my walking shoes and visit a beautiful landmark. I want to talk to strangers. All of that, to be honest with you. Which is why I'm staying in, to get this over with. To get the hell out."

    Check your local listings to catch Jeannie cohosting The Real weekdays on Fox. You can also watch her weekly YouTube series, Hello Hunnay, here and listen to her podcast, Listen Hunnay, here.

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