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    Harry Styles Wore Fishnet Tights And Lipstick For A Magazine Shoot And, Yup, He Looks Amazing Henny

    He brought all the razzle-dazzle 🤩.

    Harry Styles is owning his rock star status on the latest cover of Beauty Papers magazine.

    This week, the company released images from the shoot, revealing that Harry has not one, but two covers for its Revolution issue.

    As you can see, the "Fine Line" singer opted to wear makeup — lipstick by Gucci — and fishnet tights in one of his covers.

    The Revolution issue "viscerally responds to the shrinking freedoms of our world with an explosion of individuality, creativity, diversity and unity," Beauty Papers explained.

    However, because of high demand, the publication had to suspend sales after fans crashed its website while trying to get their hands on a physical copy.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see the other pics once the full spread becomes widely available. Until then, here's a video of Harry on the set licking his lips to hold us over.

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