Drake Performed At The Apollo Theater In New York And Here Are 12 Thoughts I Had During His Show

    To those of us who grew up watching Degrassi, Drake will forever be Jimmy Brooks.

    This past weekend, I was invited by SiriusXM to attend Drake's highly anticipated show at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

    The Apollo marquee with Drake's name

    Somehow, this was my first time seeing Drake live in concert, and I had a lot of thoughts about his performance. Ahead is my unfiltered review of the show:

    1. To many of us who grew up watching Degrassi: The Next Generation, Drake will forever be Jimmy Brooks.

    drake singing on a bedroom set with a degrassi jersey

    2. Drake *still* has a bone to pick with his naysayers.

    The cast of degrassi featuring Drake

    3. Drake would (definitely) most likely travel back to the early 2000s if he had a time machine.

    drake rapping while sitting on the bed on stage

    4. Drake is fully committed to his "lover boy" act.

    5. I'm 99.9% sure Drake has seen some of the backlash he gets online.

    drake on stage

    6. The "Nice For What" rapper is very observant.

    photo taken from a balcony of Drake rapping in front of a large crowd

    7. Whether you hate him or love him, it's hard to deny that Drake has hits.

    drake with his arms outreached on stage

    8. 21 Savage brings out the best in frequent collaborator, Drake.

    21 savage and drake on stage

    9. Autotune is Drake's best friend.

    drake rapping with a neon apollo sign behind him

    10. The moody, dark lighting during Drake's set was an interesting choice.

    photo from the balcony of drake on stage

    11. Dipset really is an iconic hip-hop collective and deserves their flowers.

    dipset on stage with a 'harlem up deli market' pictured in the background

    12. Wait, what are Drake fans called?!

    drake live from the apollo signs in the hallway of the venue

    Now I wanna know, have you ever been to a Drake concert? Did you enjoy your experience? Tell me in the comments below!