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Matthew Perry Wants To Know "What The Hell Just Happened" After Courteney Cox Uploaded This TikTok Dance Video, And I'm Weak

Courteney Cox hitting "The Woah" dance is big Monica Geller energy.

Courteney Cox is doing her part to avoid the coronavirus currently plaguing the globe.

The Friends actor recently posted a video of herself doing the "Why Is Everything Chrome?" dance challenge on TikTok and noted that she was bored from being in quarantine.

The 55-year-old also shared that her epic dance skills might be the reason her daughter, Coco, and boyfriend, Johnny McDaid, are socially distancing themselves from her, LOL.

I mean, how could they not appreciate Monica Geller hitting "The Woah"?

She was really feeling it, and I give her an A- for effort.

However, Courteney's Friends costar Matthew Perry had a question about her moves.


"Hi honey, what the hell just happened?" he wrote, jokingly, underneath her post.

Fans, of course, loved his reaction. "Best response ever!" one person commented.

"MY DAY IS BETTER BECAUSE OF THIS," another person wrote.

Let's just hope their recent interaction will be enough to hold us over until the unscripted Friends reunion special airs on HBO Max.

Until then, keep on dancing Courteney, and stay safe out there.

H/T: @CommentsByCelebs