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    Cody Simpson Had A Crush On Miley Cyrus Long Before Their Kiss, And Here's Proof

    "She will be, forever, the most datable Disney star."

    By now, you already know Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are a ~thing~.,

    Miley confirmed their romance after a video surfaced of the two making out on a date.

    Cody called the "Slide Away" singer his "baby" on Instagram shortly after the announcement.

    But did you know that the 22-year-old has swooned over Miley for years? In a 2012 interview with Fuse, Cody was asked who his childhood celebrity crush was, and he answered Miley!

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    "Miley Cyrus has always been my childhood celebrity crush," Cody said. "I knew all the words to her songs, I'm not gonna lie. I'm not ashamed about it, at all," he added, matter-of-factly.


    "I was a big Miley Cyrus fan. I think she will be, forever, the most datable Disney star," he declared.


    How sweet...and prophetic 🔮.

    Some things are just written in the cards, aren't they?

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