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People Are Naming Celebrities Who Are Only Famous To Black People, And It’s Spot On

All black icons 👏🏾!

On Friday, senior writer at The Root Michael Harriot asked "Who is the most 'blackfamous' person of all time?"

“Blackfamous” is the gap between black stardom and white anonymity. For instance: The highest possible rating on the “blackfamous” scale would be someone EVERY black person knew but was unknown by EVERY white person. So I ask: Who is the most “blackfamous” person of all time?

The qualifications were pretty simple: "Someone EVERY black person [knows]" but is "unknown by EVERY white person."

To say black Twitter came through on his request would be an understatement 😂. These are some of the best replies people came up with:

1. LisaRaye McCoy

2. Leon Robinson

3. Kiki Shepard

4. Gerald LeVert and Tom Joyner

5. Nia Long

6. The cast of Living Single (sans Queen Latifah)

7. David and Tamela Mann

8. Loretta Devine

9. Avant and Keke Wyatt

10. Phyllis Hyman

11. Frankie Beverly

12. Luenell and Sommore

13. Tasha Smith

All black icons 👏🏾! Which celebs do you think are 'blackfamous'? Tell me in the comments!