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    People Are Losing Their Minds Over How Hot Cardi B's Bodyguard Is, And I'm One Of Them

    Cardi B’s bodyguard could crack me like an egg and I’d say sorry.

    So yesterday Cardi B showed up at court in New York City rocking this black puffy feather coat with a long train:

    Albo / GOL / BACKGRID

    It was a lewk, a serve, a mood. All that 💅🏾.

    However, all I could focus on was the gentleman — aka her bodyguard — standing beside her 👀.

    Albo / GOL / BACKGRID

    I mean, it's hard not to concentrate on his handsome, chiseled face, am I right?

    Albo / GOL / BACKGRID

    Thankfully Instagram exists and Cardi B's bodyguard, who goes by Price, is on there with loads of photos for us to gawk at. Like this one 😍:

    And this one:

    Seriously, I never wanted to be licorice so badly 😩.

    Price also shares workout videos...

    ...which would explain his bulging biceps 🧐.

    He's not just all brawn, though. He likes to read books. We love an intellectual!

    He looks great in a suit:

    And he looks great out of one:

    I wasn't the only one fawning over Price, either. When the court photos of Cardi B hit the internet, fans had a lot to say about her fine ass bodyguard:

    @RapUp her body guard kinda look like scar. @iamcardib tell him to let me be the mouse!!!!

    @RapUp Her security FINE as HELL

    @RapUp who told the guard to come thru like that??

    @RapUp a part of me wants to invade her privacy so her security can invade mine 🥴🙂

    In closing, stay beautiful Price.

    Price / Via

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