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Beyoncé Sent Yara Shahidi A Massive Package Of Her Adidas x Ivy Park Collection, And Fans Are Livid

"Why are rich people being sent the entire collection of Adidas x Ivy Park????"

So by now you should already know that Beyoncé has partnered with Adidas to launch their new collection, Adidas x Ivy Park, on Jan. 18.

On Saturday, the "Spirit" singer uploaded a series of unboxing videos, showcasing pieces from the upcoming line, and I'm ready to buy everything, TBH:

That same day, Grown-ish actor Yara Shahidi uploaded a video showing that she received a gigantic package from Yoncé, which featured the Adidas x Ivy Park goodies:

However, this did not sit well with the Beyhive. Many pointed out that Yara, being the megastar that she is, could afford to pay for the collection and the package should have been sent to underprivileged fans instead:

Why are rich people being sent the entire collection of #IvyParkXAdidas ???? I have been ridin for Beyoncé longer than JayZ. Can a regular 9-5 girl get something @Beyonce ??

Folks were really confused:

Now why Yara Shahidi rich ass get the whole ivy park collection free of charge... Beyoncé baby.....

"The amount of money I've spent on you over the years, I deserve," one fan wrote, calling out Queen Bey directly.

I never understood why celebrities get free clothes as if they can’t afford the shit... send me some shit @beyonce the amount of money I’ve spent on you over the years, I deserve..

"It is I who needs free clothes, Beyoncé," another fan tweeted after watching Yara's video.

It is I who needs free clothes, Beyoncé

This fan was left wondering if his package was lost in the mail:

Why Beyoncé giving all this free shxt to rich people? Where mine?

Laverne Cox, Issa Rae, and Diddy's son — and actor — Quincy also shared photos and videos of "the box" they received on Instagram.

Meanwhile, this user just wanted Beyoncé to consider her "broke stans":


Others were thinking about how much they were going to be taxed on the Adidas x Ivy Park items:

Me staring at all of these celebrities unboxing these free Ivy Park collections knowing Beyoncé about to tax us for it 😭

And how stressful it's going to be to get something on launch day:

Beyoncé bout to give out her ivy park collection to underserving people for free, while I gotta wait till the 18th and HOPE shit don’t sell out before my debit card go through

One fan tried to remind everyone that Yara modeled for Ivy Park back in 2017, which is likely why she was sent the package for free:

@Neyzus_ @Beyonce Well you know Yara modeled for Ivy Park back in 2017 but still, you RIGHT!

Other users explained that sending "free" stuff to celebs was simply a genius marketing ploy on Beyoncé's part to get them to promote her Adidas x Ivy Park collection:

@Neyzus_ @Beyonce Influencer marketing. Celebs send PR packages to influential people who will promote the product to their audience.

It really is marketing genius for Beyonce to send out gifts from her collection to different celebs. Now they’re doing the marketing for her when they share their unboxing with us thru their own very large platforms. You can tell she really has her mind wrapped around this thing.

Still, people just wanted to have a taste of what it was like to get sent free stuff from Beyoncé herself:

send me one of them big ass boxes too @beyonce

What do you think? Was Beyoncé wrong for sending celebs free items from her line ahead of its release? Tell us in the comments!