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    Move Over Beyoncé, Blue Ivy Is The Reigning Queen In The "Spirit" Music Video

    "Blue Ivy didn’t have to snap this hard." 🙌🏾

    After teasing the audio last week, Beyoncé finally blessed us with the stunning visuals for her new song "Spirit," from The Lion King soundtrack.

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    As usual, Queen Bey served several iconic looks while executing flawless choreography...

    ...seriously, who would think to perform dance moves to a Disney ballad? Beyoncé, that's who!

    But the biggest surprise came when 7-year-old Blue Ivy appeared onscreen and easily stole the spotlight from her famous mama.

    Although she only appeared in two brief scenes, Blue proved herself to be quite the scene stealer, and the internet couldn't help but stan.

    Blue Ivy didn’t have to snap this hard. Beyoncé who? #SpiritMusicVideo

    This person couldn't keep calm when he spotted Beyoncé's protégé in the clip.

    me when Blue Ivy popped up in the #Spirit video

    SAME, tbh.

    It was this scene where Beyoncé and her daughter "connected hands" that really did it for most people, though.

    When Blue Ivy & Beyoncé connected hands tho😩🙌🏾😍 #SpiritMusicVideo #Spirit

    when they cut from simba stepping into mufasa's paw steps to blue ivy taking beyonce's hand tho 😭🙏🦁 #Spirit #TheLionKing

    One person shared this very plausible theory about Blue's budget to appear in the video.

    Beyoncé probably spent more on Blue Ivy to make a cameo than she did standing next to Mona Lisa #Spirit #SpiritMusicVideo

    Another called out the parallels between Simba and Blue one day taking their rightful place on the throne.

    Blue Ivy on Beyoncé’s #Spirit video is like: Bitch, I have to take my place... as Queen! #TheLionKing

    In related news, Beyoncé recently announced that her complementary album, The Lion King: The Gift, will be out on Friday, July 19.

    "The Lion King: The Gift" — curated and produced by Beyoncé — will be released this Friday - July 19th.

    The album, an ode to Africa and her role as Nala in the live-action remake, will feature cameos from Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and burgeoning icon Blue!

    Thanks, Blue, for being such a generous queen and gracing us with your presence in the "Spirit" video. Let us know what you think about Bey's new visuals below!