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Beyoncé Showed Up At The 2020 Golden Globes Wearing Gigantic Sleeves, And Wow, We Love To See It

It appears Queen Bey, a nominee this year, showed up to support Ellen DeGeneres.

Here I was minding my business when Beyoncé decided to surprise me :') and show up at the 2020 Golden Globes.


The Queen wore a dress with the most gigantic sleeves ever and I'm bowing down, y'all.


Jay-Z was also there.

Get into this golden highlight. Yoncé came to serve regal realness, and that's exactly what she did.


"Whew" is correct.

We are truly not worthy.


I literally had the same reaction as this guy on Twitter when I saw her:

YASSSSSS #goldenglobes2020 #GoldenGlobes @Beyonce

What is a wig? What is a scalp? IDK.* Beyoncé stays snatching the hair I don't even have.


*I'm bald IRL.

There were rumors that the "Spirit" singer was going to make an appearance tonight to support Ellen DeGeneres, who was honored with the Carol Burnett Award:

Ellen DeGeneres chose Beyoncé to sit at the same table as her during the #GoldenGlobes ceremony this Sunday, January 5th. 👀

But knowing how Beyoncé rarely makes appearances these days, I wasn't expecting anything.

I am grateful. 😌


That is all. Carry on.

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