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I Need Gordon Ramsay To Explain Where Bella Hadid Went Wrong With This Soupy Mac 'N' Cheese For Thanksgiving

I'll see this "mac 'n' cheese" in my nightmares.

Bella Hadid, haven't we been through enough in the year 2020?


Apparently not, because the model decided to upload her Thanksgiving "mac 'n' cheese"* on Instagram and it's giving people — including myself — goosebumps.

First off, what in the Campbell's soup is going on?

"Why is the mac 'n' cheese waterbending?" someone tweeted, and I just had to bow my head in prayer.

Bella Hadid made mac and cheese like she work at Panera. Why is the mac and cheese waterbending?

"I just wanna know why she saw this liquified mac 'n' cheese and thought, It's ready!" another person asked, because like, we need answers.

Ms. Bella Hadid..........I just wanna know why she saw this liquified mac and cheese and thought “it’s ready!”

This user called Bella's entire mac 'n' cheese process "chaotic" and I see no lies.

Is anything more chaotic than bella hadid making “Mac and cheese”

Others had suggestions for how they could avoid her soup 'n' cheese all together:

Bringing my own Mac and cheese to Bella Hadid house next year 🙏🏾 everything else was amazing thank you

Genius, tbh.

If you're feeling like Bobby Flay after seeing Bella's soupy dish, you're not alone:

Bella hadid’s mac and cheese is rlly makin me look like Bobby flay

This tweet pretty much summed it up:

Bella Hadid had the nastiest looking Mac and cheese this year

Good luck next year, Bella. Also, maybe try a little less liquid!

How do YOU make your mac 'n' cheese? Tell me in the comments!