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    Bebe Rexha Needed Icing For All This Cake She Posted On Instagram For Her 30th Birthday

    "This is what 30 looks like."

    Bebe Rexha kicked off her 30th birthday with a bang!!!

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    On Friday, the "Me, Myself & I" singer shared this topless photo of herself applying lipstick in a bathroom before a show, and let's just say many jaws were also left on the floor.

    "This is what 30 looks like," she wrote. "My #BirthdaySuit. Self-love. Body positivity. Unapologetically me. Pre-show stretch and lipstick application. #Not20Anymore‬."

    "Not 20 Anymore" also happens to be the title of Bebe's new single, which she recently released a music video for.

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    With lyrics like, "Don't try to make me feel insecure/ 'Cause I’m aging like wine/ I get better with time, yes, I do," it seems like Bebe is taking her fight against ageism straight to the top of the charts. 👏🏾

    ABC / Via

    I wonder how the male music executive who told her she was "getting too old" to be sexy feels right about now.

    I'm not the only one here for it either. Several of Bebe's celebrity pals praised the singer for her cheeky post, and also wished her a happy birthday:

    Thanks for constantly reminding the world that beauty — and sex appeal — has no age limit, Bebe! 🔥🙌🏾🔥


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