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    Move Over, Baby Yoda — Baby Sonic Is Here, And He's Stealing Hearts Everywhere

    Sonic the Lil Bubba.

    Remember the Sonic movie that's coming out next year, which sparked outrage because the original humanlike design gave everyone nightmares and caused the studio to redesign the entire movie?

    Well, a new Japanese promotional trailer just gave fans a sneak peek at Baby Sonic and it will definitely cleanse your palate of that nightmarish art design for good:

    ”ベビーソニック”が史上初お披露目! これまでの「ソニック」作品で一度も描かれたことがなかった幼少期のソニックが『ソニック・ザ・ムービー』にて初登場。 その”ベビーソニック”が登場する映像を日本がいち早くご紹介! #ソニックザムービー #SonicMovie #映画ソニック

    Look at this lil bubba go:

    He's tiny but mighty, amirite?

    If this doesn't make your heart melt, are you even human? Srsly.

    Apparently the Japenese poster art also showed Baby Sonic in all his cuteness:

    New Japanese poster reveals first look at #BabySonic for #SonicMovie

    Why yes, I would like to adopt him, please.

    And pretty much, everyone else is in love with Baby Sonic, too:

    @TailsChannel This is even more adorable than I imagined omg

    We need the merch, ASAP:

    @TailsChannel I NEED A PLUSH OF HIM I M M E D I A T E L Y

    It's not a game out here:

    Of course, Twitter users had some fun with the Baby Sonic and Baby Yoda comparisons:

    @TailsChannel @hedgehoglover26 Baby sonic: *exists* Baby Yoda:

    The competition is strong, y'all:

    This person imagined what Baby Sonic would look like in The Mandalorian, LOLOL:

    Sneak peek at the new episode of #TheMandalorian #babysonic #babyyoda

    Others thought Baby Sonic was winning by default:

    @TailsChannel I'll admit, he's cuter than Baby Yoda

    May we all forget the monstrosity that was this:

    since we're talking about baby sonic, remember this monstrosity from sonic underground?

    One person even volunteered to write a spin-off for Baby Sonic's inevitable TV show:

    Okay fine, I volunteer to write the inevitable TV spinoff for this guy.

    Take. My. Money.

    What do you think of Baby Sonic? Tell me in the comments!