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    Photos Of The Original "Angel" Cast From 1999 Vs. 2019

    Humans age, vampires don't.

    Believe it or not, this month marks 20 years since the first season of Angel aired, and yes, I feel old now.

    While the show featured actors playing vampires who never aged, IRL the stars of the show have changed quite a bit since the show premiered 👀. Take a look for yourself ahead:

    1. David Boreanaz in 1999.

    David Boreanaz in 2019.

    2. Charisma Carpenter in 1999.

    Charisma Carpenter in 2019.

    3. Alexis Denisof in 1999.

    Alexis Denisof in 2019.

    4. J. August Richards in 1999.

    J. August Richards in 2019.

    5. Amy Acker in 2001.

    Amy Acker in 2019.

    6. Vincent Kartheiser in 2001.

    Vincent Kartheiser in 2019.

    7. James Marsters in 1999.

    James Marsters in 2019.