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    Adam Levine Is Completely Bald Now


    In case you didn't know, this post is about Adam Levine shaving his head.


    The Maroon 5 front man debuted his new look in the music video for the group's new single, "Nobody's Love."

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    But before I reveal what he looks like bald, here are a few photos of Adam with hair, for old times' sake:

    Tommaso Boddi

    Here's Adam with hair performing at the 2019 Super Bowl:

    Adam shirtless singing into microphone at the Super Bowl
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Here's a photo of Adam rocking a super cool mohawk:

    Javier Torres / Getty Images

    Here's Adam with blonde hair:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    We love a man with versatility.

    And here's Adam with braids:

    Adam with blonde cornrow braids
    Adam Levine / Via Instagram: @adamlevine

    Yeah, I'd like to forget this ever happened, too.

    OK, at this point you're probably ready to see what he looks like bald. So, without further ado...


    Meet bald Adam Levine:

    Adam bald
    Interscope Records / Via

    Looks completely different, amirite?

    Interscope Records / Via

    He really went for it. Completely bald.

    Close-up of Adam's bald scalp
    Interscope Records / Via

    I'll definitely have to get used to this new* look, but with the beard, I kinda dig it.

    Adam bald with a full beard
    Interscope Records / Via

    *Apparently, Adam also shaved his head bald in 2015.

    The real question is: Once this pandemic is over, will any of us have any hair left???

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