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    17 Reactions Everyone Will Recognize During Engagement Season

    "I get to marry my best friend!"

    1. When you're scrolling through Facebook minding your own business, and BOOM — your ex just got engaged.

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    2. And then suddenly everyone else's status is about getting engaged, posting engagement pictures, or counting down to their wedding. / Via Nickelodeon

    3. When someone says, "I get to marry my best friend/I said yes/Somehow, _____ agreed to marry me!"

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    4. When someone says, "I was so surprised!" but they already have a hashtag picked out.

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    5. When you see 20 photos of the rings, but zero of the fiancé.

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    6. When people get engaged after mere months of dating.

    7. When someone you know to be into exceptionally wild sex stuff posts an engagement announcement that is heavy on the God/Jesus references.

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    8. When someone you thought was married announces their engagement and you realize they must have quietly gotten divorced.

    Little Stranger

    But...when? How?? What??

    9. When people comment asking, "Did you set a date?!" immediately after an engagement announcement is posted.

    As if people pick a date within minutes of getting engaged.

    10. When you realize that your only weekend plans for the summer and fall are weddings.

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    Or bridal showers or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

    11. And that your biggest expenses for the year will be wedding-related, too.

    12. When you stumble upon a hashtag or wedding website that's filled with incredibly awkward how-we-met stories or engagement photos.

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    13. But oops! You accidentally like one of their photos, even though you haven't talked in years.

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    14. When it starts to seem like every couple you know PLANNED to get engaged at the exact time.

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    15. When they make their wedding Pinterest boards public and you can finally see if they've had any good ideas cooking.

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    16. When you realize that in as little as a year, you'll start seeing pregnancy announcements from ALL these same people.

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    17. But then you realize how great it is that people you love are moving forward with the person they love.

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