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This Bride Baked A Life-Sized Wedding Cake Of Herself And Her Groom

DIY at its best!

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Amateur British baker Lara Mason has made a name for herself for creating life-sized cake versions of celebrities.

Courtesy of Lara Mason

Here she is with her award-winning Prince George cake. Mason's a full-time customer service rep for a bingo company, but in her spare time, she whips up shockingly realistic-looking cakes under the name Tasty Cakes.

She's crafted a Harry Styles, a Tyrion Lannister, and many others.

This Jennifer Lawrence-as-Katniss Everdeen even got praise from J. Law herself!

Courtesy of Lara Mason

"Seriously if the girl who made that is listening: You’re incredibly talented,” Lawrence said after seeing herself in cake form. J. Law knows what's up.

Mason's explanation for her hobby of four years is simple: "It was something that just wasn't being done, and I thought I would just try it."

So naturally, Mason stepped things up a notch for her Nov. 14 wedding to Nick Mason by making these replicas of herself and her husband.

Courtesy of Lara Mason

Having a plain-Jane wedding cake was absolutely not an option for Mason. "I am getting a name for my self as the lady who makes the life size people cakes, I couldn't have a 3-tier ivory cake with roses," she told BuzzFeed Life.

This one is a vanilla cake covered in fondant in modeling chocolate.

Here they are with their doppelgängers. Who needs a cake topper when you have a LIFE-SIZED VERSION OF YOURSELF?

Courtesy of Lara Mason

Mason said it took her 20 hours over the course of three days to create her masterpiece. Usually, she gives herself 150 hours, but other wedding plans shortened her timeline. She took on the project by herself.

And yes, her husband's hat is a construction hat that says, "Marriage survival kit," with Coors Light cans attached to it.