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    Watch This Flower Girl Absolutely School Her Dad On Weddings

    "You do NOT understand weddings. AT ALL."

    Four-year-old sass queen JoJo Lomelino has some ~thoughts~ about weddings.

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    A few days before JoJo served as flower girl for some family friends this month, her father Jason recorded her giving him an education about this very important event.

    For starters, she's an etiquette expert.

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    She also says, "Dad, you don't know what weddings look like."

    She knows the dos and don'ts like they're the ABCs.

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    When Jason asks if he can yell out, "Princess!" she's not too psyched.

    "There's going to be a bunch of people sitting there and then they're just going to hear us and they're going to be like, 'Why were you doing that? That was dumb,' and they're not going to think you're a good daddy," she reasons.

    The kicker is JoJo's final moment of exasperation.

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    The irony is that JoJo's dad is a pastor who's officiated about 20 weddings, so he knows them really well. He told BuzzFeed Life that JoJo's been a flower girl a few times, but this tangent, which he recorded two weeks ago, was too good not to share.

    Jason's post-wedding assessment? "She nailed it — and I didn't say anything when she came down the aisle."

    Jason Lomelino