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You Won't Believe How Much The Original "Wedding March" Sheet Music Is On Sale For

It’s the classiest way to part with $3.6 million.

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And now Wagner's original manuscript can be yours for the low price of $3.6 million.

Moments in Time / Via

Moments in Time, an online autograph and historical document dealer, acquired the manuscript by way of a wealthy collector who won it at auction roughly 35 years ago.

Gary Zimet, the company's owner, told BuzzFeed Life that so far, seven people have made offers, but they haven't offered the full asking price. The first person to do so will be the lucky owner.

According to the listing, Wagner composed the piece, originally called "Treulich geführt," for his 1850 opera Lohengrin.

The song didn't really catch on until it was played as the processional at Victoria, Princess Royal's wedding to Prince Frederick William of Prussia in 1858.

Whoever buys it will have a sick wedding present — if they are willing to part with it.

Joseph M. Schenck Productions

Zimet told BuzzFeed Life that he's hoping that the buyer will be a "billionaire who wants ultimate wedding gift for his daughter."