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What's The Worst Valentine's Day You've Ever Had?

Tell us about your biggest fail.

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Hey, guys. All Valentine's Days are perfect, romantic, and just full of warm fuzzies, right?


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Well-planned dates can go horribly awry.

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Chocolate + candy + loads of wine + rich dinners out = lots of puking potential.

Even the most thoughtful gifts can end up being a complete fail.

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Puppies poop! Flowers trigger allergies! Funny cards can get lost in translation!

And sometimes, even if you weren't recently dumped, the day can just make you feel totally crappy and alone.

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It's not just for people in relationships, but it can certainly feel that way sometimes.

So tell us about the WORST Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed story!

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