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23 Things That Won't Make Sense Unless You've Planned A Wedding

There's a special place in hell for people who don't RSVP and show up anyway.

1. Everything feels possible right after you get engaged.

2. But the beginning stage is incredibly daunting.

3. Especially picking a wedding date.

But people start asking you about it the second you get engaged.

4. Or just very specific details.


5. Or, god forbid, a venue.


6. Because finding a place for it all to happen ain't cheap.

7. Neither is anything else, for that matter.

8. Like, your Pinterest board becomes a bit... unattainable.

9. Anyone who asks if they're invited may not live to tell the tale.

10. You can't wait to get married, but motivation can be hard to come by some days.

Can the linens wait until tomorrow?

11. You may alienate a parent or two.


12. Especially when you have to *gulp* make the guest list.

13. People who don't send back their RSVP card are actually dead to you.

14. So are people who don't fill out their name, for that matter.

What am I, some kind of wizard or magician?

15. Advanced-level calculus has nothing on trying to make a seating chart.

16. Finding a wedding dress can be like picking a needle out of a haystack.

17. You've never thought about (or hated) weather forecasts more.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Rain all weekend. Of course.

18. It can be hard to let "pretty enough" alone.

19. Want to DIY a couple of things? Hope you like glitter EVERYWHERE.


20. And if you're buying any decorations, discount stores are your lifesaver.

21. It can be hard to remember life before you started planning. / Via

What did you think about? What did you and your partner talk about?

22. Eloping has crossed your mind at least once.

23. But seeing loved ones on your wedding day is the best feeling ever.