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What's Your Favorite Unique Date Idea?

Tell us your most unique date idea that always guarantees a good time.

Guys, dating is hard.

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Even if you're in a serious relationship, it can be hard to come up with a fun, different date idea that doesn't cost a lot of money and isn't a hassle to plan.

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But maybe you've discovered that a perfect date is going to the dollar store, setting a timer, splitting up and looking for the coolest things a dollar can buy, and then, when the timer goes off, picking the best item and buying it.

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Another similar idea for book lovers? Go to your local bookstore and each buy your favorite book for each other!

Or perhaps going to your local zoo and having a fun talk as you stroll among the pandas and giraffes is more your speed.

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Other active dates like laser tag and ice skating are always a good time!

And if you're really broke, you might like picking a public spot and playing people-watching bingo.

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All you have to do is each make cards with things such as guy in cowboy hat, screaming child, etc., then go to someplace like the mall or a local park and see who knows the demographic the best.

Tell us your favorite unique date idea for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!