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What's Your Best Tip For Taking Notes In Class?

Tell us what you do to get the best notes possible!

Back-to-school season means back to taking notes for hours at a time.

And since having good notes is a major key to getting good grades (and, ya know, actually learning stuff), some people have devised genius note-taking strategies.

Perhaps you use the tried-and-true Cornell method of note-taking, in which you put keywords in a left-hand column and full notes in a right-hand column.

Or perhaps you've gotten into studyblr, aka the Tumblr blog category dedicated to studying and note-taking aesthetics.

Maybe you re-write your notes after each class so you can better commit all of the new concepts to memory.

Or maybe you use a variety of different-colored highlighters — red for names, green for dates, blue for concepts, etc. — so you can easily spot key ideas later.

Tell us your best note-taking hack for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!