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    18 Undeniable Things All People Who Are Obsessed With Journals Know To Be True

    You don't understand the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" because you only buy beautiful journals.

    1. You've spent a liiiiittle more money than you'd care to admit on journals and all their accoutrements.

    Pens, nibs, ink, markers, you name it.

    2. You don't understand the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" because you only buy beautiful journals.

    Rifle Paper Co. / Via

    Somehow, they only get prettier and prettier every time you browse through them.

    3. This is basically porn.

    "Set of two Moleskines? Great, I'll take 20."

    4. You're always toting one around with you, you know, just in case.

    If you have a thought or a good idea and you don't write it down, did it really happen?

    5. Let's face it: You line your shelves with journals the way some people line their shelves with novels.

    The best books are the ones with your writing in it, right?

    6. Many of them are completely blank, minus a few pages of stray thoughts and doodles.

    And others are completely full, and you will NEVER throw those away, because how can you put memories in the trash?!

    7. "Just a peek" into a stationery store or bookstore always ends with at least one impulse buy.

    Paper Source / Via

    Thanks for all the low bank statements, Paper Source.

    8. You can't not buy one if it complements another one you already own.

    It's practically the law.

    9. Which is great, because there's no greater satisfaction than purchasing a brand-new journal filled with crisp pages.

    ~Falls asleep thinking of the sound of a freshly cracked spine.~

    10. As well as a nice, new pen to go with it, because you can never have too many of those.

    Lauren Zaser / Via

    To go with the ones you take from restaurants, doctors' offices, and the like.

    11. Every purchase comes with a mental promise to become a faithful daily diarist.

    To-do lists can save your life.

    12. Or, if you're truly ambitious, a bullet journal-er.

    Possibilities abound!

    13. You spend lots of time browsing through Instagram and blogs to find fun ways to jazz up all those pages.

    So much Washi tape.

    14. There's no better feeling than cracking open a brand new one and writing on the first, fresh page.

    Oh, the promise it holds.

    15. Spending minutes or hours writing or drawing in one is fulfilling and relaxing AF.

    A perfect creative outlet, really.

    16. Even though you write everything down, you sometimes can't find a particular note because it could be in at least three different journals.

    Or 12. No judgment.

    17. Your friends and family always know what to get you for holidays and your birthday.

    Though realistically, you probably don't ~need~ any more.

    18. Deep down, you think you might have a problem, but there are so many worse things to be addicted to.

    Laura Hooper Calligraphy / Via

    Happy journaling!